Software today is in almost everything, and in our area of expertise  are we working  with a wide range of software. We install and konfigure software in everything  from servers and computers to  backup and surveilance systems.

Migration to diffrent cind of cloud system is today wery current for everybody, companies and private persons. Attempting to streamline the costs on the floors for the companies regarding software and data is a prime target  for everyone. To have very important data and programs that you work with stored somewhere else is many times mutch more cost effective then to maintain it your self. For private persons have new creations like Dropbox changed the way how for ever  store your data effective.


Software and things we do

  • Configurations of servers, physical, vps and cloud
  • Installation of Microsofts Active Directory
  • Installation of backup systems, internal and external
  • Migration solutions
  • Mail system configurations
  • Error searching
  • Software configurations in PC and MAC
  • Installations of different kind of trading systems CRM
  • Database handlings
  • Data recovery
  • Data security, virus and intrusion prevention
  • Business and software consultation
  • We are specialized in Customer Relation Management systems